“Life Abundant.”

Six months is a whirlwind
Levitating us and standing still.

You have told me that you love me
More times than I can count day in, day out.

We communicate all day, every day
From when our eyes open until they shut.

We are together almost every single day
Embracing and hearing each others souls.

Our minds explode every time we make love
Our spirits entwined as our flesh is one.

The laughter is rich
And our connection extraordinarily deep.

I adore you more than I could ever love myself
Our talks of sharing life’s mundane moments makes me smile so wide.

We are one in the same and so good for each other
I give you life and you return it abundantly.

This is not something to be discarded
The alternative is death and death eternal.

Do not be swayed a second longer
Nothing can destroy our love.

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