“The Abused”.

Sometimes we are so lost in our sinful nature
We think evil forces are controlling us
And we are helpless under their spell
But in reality, though once under their direction,
We continue to operate as though we’re being controlled
And what’s really happening is our own free will
We are stuck walking that path
And it is only by own our choice.

Living under abuse is the same thing
One incident is bad enough but decades
It is no shock to function damaged
Even if your oppressors thumb isn’t on you
And in this case, it most certainly is
But even if not, you make decisions based on “what would he have me do”
You are being controlled 24/7.

It is a gigantic mess and continues to be
But you do have a taste of clarity
Somewhere in there, muddled by his trauma
The lies go on in your head, even without him speaking
But there is hope and you are aware.

There are many people praying for you
For the spirit of fear to be gone
For you to rise up and shake off confusion
For you to be free of control and free of self-doubt
You can be free but you need to make it so
You have more strength than you know
And I love you dearly.

By Hearts Erased

A blogger for 6 years, I now have my poetry collection being published.

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