Being in the seventh circle of hell is beyond excruciating
But knowing you are also here but separately is enough to kill me
I have felt pain before but nothing like this
And the times I felt a fraction of this torment, I was only focused on myself
I was either angry or without care
But with you, knowing how much you are hurting and how much you are trapped
Makes my hell indescribably worse.

Knowing in your suffering, how epically brutal it is
That it is made even harder like mine
Because you are so very distraught over my agony
It must be debilitating on every level
And the terror that I can’t rescue you
And that you refuse to rescue yourself
Reinforces our total annihilation.

We are on the brink of emotional and physical death
We writhe and choke it down and shake
Thank you so very dearly for your full heart
Thank you so much for the way you love me
Thank you for getting to know me and allowing me in your soul and in your blood
You will reside in me through all of this
And I in you forever.

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