The Womb-5)

Ruth let go of Embryo and dove head first off the ledge into the cold ocean water. She needed to collect her thoughts and she also wanted to get a taste of conquering her dreams, this time that meant breaching the tumultuous chasm of ocean from one side to the next. Already exhausted and nearing hypothermia, Ruth bit her lip and did everything in her power to stay afloat and to keep moving. Continuous bites at her feet and legs, and bumping into many water logged corpses proved indeed a living nightmare. There were moments she held onto the bodies as though life preservers, preserving her way across this vile chasm.

The second her eyes saw land was the moment the little dark haired girl showed her face again. It was a sight that Ruth had been wanting to experience. Holding a single white towel, she draped it over Ruths debilitated body. Panting for breath, she looked up to see the little girl, without expression. She reached out her hand to the beaten Ruth. “Come. Let us catch up.”

When Ruth touched her hand the sand, waters and noise went away, as did everything as though ice melting on a warm day. The next thing she saw a mansion on a hill in the middle of what could only be described as paradise. The little girl and Ruth stood in a lush field with animals both large and small meandering about. There was no sense of fear, wherever this place was or wasn’t, for it had to be a dream as places like this don’t exist.

“What you are looking at is my childhood home. Before The Womb this is all I knew. Beautiful, isn’t it?” The little girl wasted little time.

Ruth shot back quickly. “How did you learn of The Womb? Embryo doesn’t know you…do you know who he is?”

She laughed. “Embryo knows who I am. He runs from our next encounter. In his mind I cannot find him but I see all.” She turned to face Ruth. “I am Divinity. Embryo works for me though his muddling is often too much for me. I’ve clipped his wings. His life is cut short as his damning deeds are many. And now here he is yet again, feeding off our your dreamscape and for what? Some things cannot be undone.”

“He thinks if he can do right then it will be reversed.” Ruth swallowed hard, trying not to break their gaze.

Divinity smiled then her lips dropped into a sneer. “It isn’t to be. And Ruth, my new friend, you want to know who I am, do you not?”

“I thought into this very moment that you are me and have been injected into my program in The Womb as a guide or savior.” Ruth took a deep breath as she surveyed the house which they were now inside of. “This is definitely not part of my childhood. All this…luxury. It’s intoxicating. Please. Who are you?”

Divinity took Ruths hands in hers. Instantly they were floating with eyes closed and minds open. Divinity drew closer to Ruth and whispered three words into her soul. “You must run…”

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