“Never Look Back.”

Deep into the night
Layered minutes became hours
When I couldn’t see through the tears
And as the world came crashing down
The sun began to rise.

The darkness became less infinite
From hunched over to on my feet
I gathered my remaining dignity
And trusted that the warmth of the sun
Would lift my countenance from the floor.

My disdain for life washed away
In serenity I found peace
Awakened from an evil nightmare
I stepped into the light
As though exchanging death for life.

This metamorphosis is gradual
Yet instantaneous in its revelation
The choice is mine to wallow
To soak up the remainders of heartbreak
Or to close the book and never look back.

To fall from such a height was horrendous
From heaven to the earth
But if I lay there forever
Tomorrow would never come
And I would be without joy forever.

She was just a dream
One that I have woken from
With eyes wide open, I shall advance
Much like before but stronger now
And with mending heart, the sun will rise again.

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