Lexis’s Make A Wish Candy Extravaganza.

This morning we celebrated Lexis with the second part of her Make A Wish package…a limousine ride to a candy store shopping spree! Though the wish was hers, her sister and me were like three kids let loose in a candy store with an unlimited budget and goodness, was it a blast.

The first part of her wish took place last weekend as she received all of her many electronics she had asked for in an online shopping spree. Unwrapping her gifts, surrounded by cake and loved ones, it was a magical event. She felt so blessed and special, it brought tears to my eyes.

Excitement was in the air this morning as her limo pulled up. A first for us all and what fun it truly was. When we arrived at Sweet Fusion, the store was ours for one hour and that is exactly how long the whole operation took. The budget was $500 and she well exceeded it.

Hands were grabbing two of this, three of that. Items not usually sold in Canada made it that much more of a thrill. What a treat it was to see such joy and exhilaration in my girls; the store stocked with sugar and all of it was theirs.

Nothing will ever make up for all of these sweet girls hospital trips, hospital stays, the hundreds of needle pokes, all the specialist appointments and the ongoing pharmaceutical dispensary that our house is. But during these wonderful moments of celebrating these two amazing human beings, all the problems they endure vanish. I will always welcome times such as these.

I cannot overstate the magnitude of blessings I receive being lucky enough to father these two lovely young ladies. If it never ends I shall never complain. They have made me into the man I am today. Without each other we are nothing.

So with celebration on our hearts (and cavities already forming) into a new day we ride. Thank you, Lord for such fantastic, resilient, loving daughters you have let me borrow. My heart is full and I will not lack a thing.


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