“No More Disappointment.”

I’ll never forgive you for destroying the most perfect, beautiful love
I gave you my soul and you killed me over and over again
I let you know the real me and you stole all of my joy repeatedly
I confessed things no one else knows and you discarded me like a piece of trash.

You let me reach inside your heart then you pushed me away as violently as you could
You gouged out my eyes with your messages of betrayal
You let me believe we would be one always otherwise why would I even pursue you?
Physically disemboweling me would have been much preferable.

You consumed me
I put everything I had into showing you the truth and giving you life itself
Even at the cost of us, all I wanted was you free to live life as you wanted
I would have given up my own life had it meant seeing you leave your cage
But none of that made a damn bit of difference to you ’cause here I am, rejected.

I despise the hell you inflict
Crazily, you do it to us both, still
You’ve given up joy to stay locked away
Missing your wide open window
You could have jumped through it a thousand times
Into my arms and into the life your heart desperately wants you to have
But with tears in your eyes, you raise your middle fingers and I am reduced to dust.

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