“The Basis Of Me.”

Cremated then dispersed
Released back into the swamp
Floating particles transfixed on perseverance
Allowed into the wild once again
Against his will but the circle maintains
Unquenchable and unrelenting
Recuperation through dysphoria
A flushing of ones tear ducts
Like a cleansing of what was.

As a child I perpetuated the happy ending
My father failed my mother
And I stuttered horrendously
But I always hoped for my happiness
Some sort of bolstered elation
I believed in something great for me
As though I was to attain and sustain
And in the winds of my youth onward
The chase of the dream that will soothe my soul.

Present day wisdom dripping with yesterday’s sins
A shadowy courtship in stop-motion theatrics
I have forgotten the basis of me
Why I am here and where I am going
I have been eclipsed and dishonorably so
There is nothing pretentious about it
To pick up ones pieces takes time
And to make sense of this future fit cradles patience snug and replete
Only in the light am I reminded of the black.

The sun is shining but I feel no warmth
This exhile torments me by the minute
With a toe dipped in turmoil
My entire being brimming with grievance
Even these prayers seem to miss the mark
And my peace is rife with affliction
The walls at least are eye level
As I am shielded from future arrows
Toward the eve of mercy, cast me down again in penitence
And smite me further in your bidding to remove what once was perfect.

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