“This Adoration Station.”

I close my eyes and I see the sun in yours
The brilliance of your beauty won’t go unnoticed
I have lived seventeen thousand days
And I’ve never bore witness to anything remotely close to the splendor of you.

Your heart is what drew me in
The innocent complexities that make up your centre shine tremendously
Your heart radiates into the beauty of your outer shell and sets you aglow.

The cushions of your interior facilitate my innermost satisfaction
Your soft components bless those of us closest to you
The rhythms of you are the soundtrack of my existence.

Your goodness is without name or title
Basking in the shade of you quiets any storm that is raging
Such delicate joy pulses and reverberates amidst your esteemed presence.

Your glory has me in hysterics
My tears of joy in your presence conquer the tears of torment in your absence
You mess me royally and I am forever grateful.

To be so set apart and be worthy of such pristine adoration
This is the sum total of the grace you exude in your comings and goings
Your virtuous propensity hums merrily every time you spread your wings.

Your soft, precious tissue, beating fast
Circulating blood while channeling emotion
Navigates your hopes and dreams as it should, and is connected with mine irrevocably.

You are the majesty of a thousand angels
And are as delicate as a newborn bird, soon to take flight and leave the nest
Your innocence is your strength.

You are revered to my final breath
This is where you belong, here and now
Among this adoration station parallel our hearts.

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