“With Eyes Averted.”

Catching my breath inside these paper walls
While Armageddons fireballs are descending upon me
Fallacious to say just another day in my life
As most mornings are strung together in less stressful ways
I am a peaceful man but armed for war
With a legion behind me and passion before me
You know my capabilities
And today I decapitated my sniveling enemy.

The elation cannot be contained
There is great celebration in purging my kill
Immortalized in my cathedral like a pantheon for the gods
Wine overflows like the blood I spilled
My cup had been empty for weeks
The boost was sorely needed, the fumes exhausted long ago
But the prize remains empty
I am only slightly better off than where I was yesterday.

Fast forward to a better time
Within the changing seasons, both amidst transformation
She withdraws into the cocoon, now as best as can be
While I bide my time and advance accordingly
As the hours tick down for the rest
I embrace it as both healing and setting the course
For the heart is a fertile place
And the shared enigma never ceases to blossom, even with eyes averted.

On higher ground I lay my head down in peace
The cool of the night settles into the room
I don’t want to remember today
Only as much that I pulled out your spine
With your head attached, I swung it around
As the rest of your blood splattered out
I have prevailed, I am preserved, I am renewed
And into the light I will wake triumphant.

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