“The Desires Of Our Hearts.”

Accustomed to hell
Separated from anything good
Subsisting on scraps
And dwelling amongst the shadows
Misery takes over
The demons Confusion and Anger move in
Alongside Despair and Affliction
Their company renders you weak
And they feast on separation and doubt.

But I serve the one, true living God
Whose name vanquishes all opposition
Among this world and beyond
For under the power of Jesus anything is possible
Demons flee, mountains are moved
The dead come to life
And unbreakable bonds become stronger
His will is to be done, not ours
And to be aligned with His will, we are gifted the desires of our hearts.

When we realize we are part of something bigger
Then curses are broken over our lives
You are no longer indebted
Your holding pattern is over
You are called to live free and free indeed
Put down your brokenness
Stop playing with trinkets of death
Run, don’t walk, but run into the light
And be pulled up by your hand to the seat of glory that you’ve fought so hard against.

The blessing is in the light
Step out of the shadows and claim your joy
For it is abundant and will overflow
You are forgiven and you are free
This is freely given, your debt is cleared
We stomp on the head of the snake
There is no looking back for life itself is directly in front of you
Our flesh is one as our spirits are one
And this jubilation will never be taken from us again.

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