Within your sweet kiss, I lose my life
Reborn inside your tender lips
Your tongues soft swirl against my own
And your hands on my face pulling me in
Makes me forget my name
I can’t be close enough to you
It’s as near to heaven as I have been
And inside your embrace, the darkness is chased away.

You are celebrated in my heart on a minute to minute basis
With your hand clasped in mine
I am defenseless, bowed at your feet
Rediscovering the true intricacies that permeate your being
Are enough to land me flat on my ass
Wondering “what just happened?” is becoming a recurrent theme
If you don’t pinch me I’ll do it to myself
Otherwise I will levitate too far out of my own body amidst your presence.

Exposure to your inner sanctum
Those times I get to wipe your tears
It’s me touching heavens rain
When I see you cry my heart is your life preserver
Wrapped around you and keeping you afloat
And when that perfect smile halts the storm
I know I am exactly who I need to be and where I’m called to be
By your side and at the forefront of your life.

You are a labyrinth and I’m only one foot in
I shall savor discovering your depths
Circumnavigating your globe affords me rollercoaster delights
You are the ride that made me buy the park
With your heart securely protected
Incased against my very own
We are wreathed in light and guided from above
Intricately woven into one and the same.

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