“This Jagged Jigsaw.”

You have come to me in the perfect time
The hole in my heart now reconstructed
This version of myself entire again
I was drenched in sadness
It pooled at my feet
Lost beyond repair and the world had ended
But then there came you.

I had given up on love, albeit briefly
Rejections sting lashed me hard
The negative turmoil seemed without end
As though I’d washed up on a desolate beach in hell
I was never coming back for the demons had overcome
Held captive without inclination of a better day
Until your glow cascaded upon me.

Your divinity has pickpocketed me
Snatched from the clutches of despair
My adoration of you is a knee-jerk reaction
For your kindness overwhelms
It sinks ships and lights up the stars
Your accessibility is conducive to joy abundant
There’s nothing holding you back
And the world is yours as it is mine.

A first kiss glow now weeks past inception
Laying beside you will never tire
You’ve reassembled these broken parts
This jagged jigsaw out in the rain and cold
Purposefully plucked in the name of love
Death sentence revoked, the chains removed
We are free and we are one.

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