“Bombastic Bombardment.”

Those chocolate brown eyes are sirens
Beacons that beckon the strongest of us
You are the honey and I, the fumble-bee
Stuck in the sticky, knee deep in nectar.

You pull me out of past tense when you’re in your pastels
While the hues of your heart cut to the core
I sin religiously when I’m with you
Part and parcel to this notion of aggressive attraction.

This bombastic bombardment is tickling my fancy
I embibe from your sources, of course yes
Flush my flesh with your goodness
While we do this dance, you entrance me indubitably.

So soak me up and drink me in
‘Cause I crave to be braver in all my behavior
In relation to you, and in me, back to thee
You’re my beautiful baby, you’re the one that will save me.

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