“This Wretched Dream.”

Displaced inside this war zone
Permanent residency within my grasp
Subsisting amidst the tear gas
And any other relevant disparities
This toxicant penetrates wholeheartedly
As the infamous death march begins
Slipping away like hours in a day
I am violently ripped from my crumbling carcass.

Cold and dead and without sanctuary
Among remnants of the deceased
Wingless and stranded, disbanded
Terrified outside my lifeless body
Beneath this curse, this wretched dream
There lies a carried out conspiracy
A fate I stepped into unbeknownst
Swaddled in this quicksand blanket.

Cradled in the spoon with the match lit underneath
Cooking up nicely in this line up to hell
Hand picked and discarded
There is no way back to the womb
Bound and catapulted into the abyss
The dread seeping into my tarnished soul
Eternity shrouded in misery and without your touch
Welcome to the dance of the damned.

And then, as in some stroke of luck
My eyes become unglued and accustom to the light
I am very much alive and I am removed from separation
No longer carmalized in the lake of fire
I have been extinguished, body, mind and spirit
This internal anguish has resolved
In the solace of this silence, night became day
And I awake in my bed as though none of it existed.

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