“Good Morning, My Love.”

Let these thoughts manifest and flood you.

Nestled in my bed, covers up around you
My fingers flick the switch and you feel the bed move as I climb in gently beside you
My breath on your neck with my head on the pillow next to you
My arm wraps around you, pulling you into me.

Snuggled up, so warm, so tight
Place your feet on mine and lean into me
Hear my voice, so close to your ear
A soft tremble in my delivery
“I love you so much, I’m so grateful for you”
“I’m so thankful you are here”.

With your hair inches from my nose
I close my eyes, not leaving our embrace
There is nothing like our love
It has overtaken our minds, our hearts
And in that moment we can feel each other’s chests rising as one.

Can you feel it? Your eyes closed too
My arm around you and my body against you?
Our flesh whispering adoration in the silence of the night
Fall deeper into love with me as we fall into the deepest sleep.

And when we wake we will dance
I don’t know how but I would like to with you
We will remain tangled up in the sheets
Our bodies one in a fury of sleepy eyed love
Fulfilling one another in our sexy exchange
And when it’s time to get up, we will dance
Slowly and to the beat of our hearts.

And baby?
This will be every day for the rest of our lives
Good morning, my love.

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