“Magic Electric.”

I am flooded with memories of enchantment
Coasting through heart swelled territory
Anchor my flesh and unleash my soul
Come to me now that I may dance  profoundly with you one more time.

Tears are welling as I reminisce your lips
How they found mine with their sugary warmth
I so dearly miss the indulgence of your tender kiss
Magic electric setting our souls aflame.

When my eyes met yours, my spirit would enter you
Drawn in to your innocence in the truest understanding of who you are
My fingers toying your hair as our souls clasped hands
Complete devotion soaking in each other’s complexities.

I held your hand as our hearts became one
That warm, heavy blanket enveloping us
Gifting to one another our naked entities
Securing our salvation to stand upright until the end of days.

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