“Paper Dolls.”

I will never be able to remove my jaw from the floor as long as you’re on my stoop
My faculties are all completely tweaked
Delayed by your presence as if time is standing still
And accelerated when I’m with you ’cause you make me a better me.

I’ve been in a fog, a dream state because of you
Or maybe this has been the clearest I have ever felt
Feeling moments before they happen
This is becoming a part of our new found connection.

A lifetime ago I procrastinated away figures like you
No longterm succession with the fairer sex
Not because I failed but because it wasn’t right
And as though I knew it then, I was simply waiting for you.

You plunged down on me like egg guts from a shell
Cracked over my head with intention
And I ate up your yolk and your whites
Ever since I have refused to regurgitate you back up
For you are a part of me as much as my own beating heart.

I sold my stock in the single game and the dating game alike
Bouncing around in that pinball machine doesn’t cut my mustard, never did
When you snatched me up God applauded
Intersecting when the timing was impeccable.

If all we are are paper dolls, dressed up and moved around
Brought together by the hands that rule the world
Then I am at peace with everything that is about to happen and has happened
Because we’ve been brought to life to live as one.

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