“Return To Sender.”

I am not worthy of anything good
I deserve pain and pain ongoing
I have poured out such unbridled love
Monumental amounts of pure adoration
And I am slammed repeatedly into the ground face first and left to bleed out.

My life is just a series of failure and hurt
I deserve everything bad that happens to me
I gave all of myself, from the depths of my core
I showered it all onto you unconditionally
And you ship it all back return to sender, disposable to you again and again and again.

I washed your feet and I prayed with you
I recited life long vows to you as we wept
I laid you down on my bed covered in roses
We exchanged I-love-you’s repeatedly as we made love amongst the petals
And two days later your best option is to rip out my heart and crush it til it burst.

Regressing into spiritual, emotional and physical death is your solution
Crushing all in your path in one fell swoop
Two best friends now back into silence
Dropped into the heart of the ocean without any possible rescue
And here I drown alongside you but separately, at your behest. If only you had ears to hear.

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