“Unnecessary Fear.”

I want to soar
But my wings are denied
On a constant trajectory
But you keep derailing me
I climb, I ascend
But you keep regressing
The world is mine for the taking
But your paralysis transfers to me.

I love you more than I could ever love myself
But you keep pushing me away
I worship your entire being body, mind and spirit
But you won’t stop breaking my heart
I have seen the future and you are the star
But you keep tripping up in your cycle of abuse
I trust you to love and respect and adore me
But you dispose of me like day old garbage time and time again.

Being called to change and to a better life
But you cling to old lies that dominate your mind
Being offered a new beginning, the chance to show the ones you adore your happiness
But you revel in unnecessary fear
Being escorted through with my hand in yours
But you slap it away to remain amongst the grave you want out of
Being given yourself, maybe for the first time, to live and to thrive
But you consider your joy to be selfish, another of the many lies you trust.

Breakthroughs have been droning over you, hovering over your head
But you won’t raise your hands and receive them
Miracles have been gushing towards you
But you keep rebuilding the dam that prevents access to you
The magic of us is at your feet, at your fingertips and infused in your heart
But you keep pressing the temporary disconnect button
God has called you to action and to begin your healing
Embracing life has never been more black and white.

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