She discards her happiness for discontentment
Trades ultimate joy for unhappiness
Exchanges total fulfillment for emotional destruction
Like a wounded animal returning to the owner that beats her down.

Never have I felt so lost as when I’m without you
In bed all day, fighting moment to moment
48 hours later you are still on my pillow and I can’t breathe you in deep enough
I’ve given up on prayer and temporarily on God
This cannot be his plan for me to be destroyed again and again and again.

Fear rules her existence, tattooed on her forehead
Refusal to push forward, trapped in terror
Ones offspring does not get lost
They are bound to her as she is to them.

I have been through divorce not once but twice
And my children cling to me as they always have
I put them first and love them eternally, through any trial or separation
And they return my love without fail.

Without facing your fears they will always win
Without breaking inner vows they will always dictate your fate
Without being lead by your heart you will remain imprisoned
And without raising yourself up you will be walked on forever.

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