“She Is To Be Reminded.”

From day one, she loved them unconditionally
Tears for words and fits of hunger
All through the night and all day long
Her heart sang to them for her arms were home.

First steps were roses, and so gently would she scoop them up when they would fall
When the school bus came, tears were her reward
All dressed up and hair done as only mom can, so pretty, so perfect
Skipping off, one grade to the next.

She prepared them so well and her words were soothing song to their ears
As they grew, in ages and in numbers
She gave of herself as only she would do
Always putting them first, selfless to the last.

She gave them everything and more
All the sports and the snacks and the laughter and love
Where she was, there would be popcorn and slurpees and gummies and hugs
Her sweetness as mom will never be disputed and will not be matched.

She is to be praised and she is blessed as far as the east is from the west
They are her life and she will not fail them
Everything in her soul has been given for over two decades
And her heart is so full.

But mother, woman and daughter inside
Desires happiness for herself too, is this so unreasonable to ask?
As she has given of herself til there is no more to give
So she needs to be fulfilled in the ways she has lacked for far too long.

Her own journey hasn’t even begun
And from her cocoon she is blossoming
All she has given will always be returned
In all that she does, their love will never diminish.

So in the ups and downs of life and love
She is to be respected and considered for what she needs and what she wants
She is to know their undying love will never fade so please tell her
She is to be reminded to follow her heart, the same heart that has given everything to you.

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