“The Meek One.”

I only met her once but fell in love immediately
Her gentle disposition with those soulful chocolate eyes
Adored by those around her
And I was welcomed into her world.

But sadly, she was to leave us before I could say goodbye
Overtaken by an invisible enemy
Robbing her of any more precious time
It is unfair and so terribly heartbreaking, the happy beauty laid to rest.

To say that I am blessed to have heard stories
And to have been there to hear your aching torments and regrets
And that I could weep with you so intimately is a stripe on my heart
For her memory will never be extinguished.

So think of her today, on the other side of the rainbow bridge
Happy and alive as ever, under the shade of a giant popcorn tree
Waiting for her brothers and for you, her dearest mother
With hearts connected you will be together forever. ❤️ 🐾

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