Daddy-Daughter Date With Lexis.

This evening I took my Lexis out for a much needed daddy-daughter date. At her request we dined at the illustrious IHOP followed by my request to pick up flowers and candy. We used to do stuff like this more regularly but it’s definitely never too late to reinstate such beautiful moments such as these.

Having twins is something I never take for granted but as much as they are joined at the hip, it’s important to celebrate them individually. Of course, in this case, it means Lexis and I enjoy while Lindsey later tells us about how sad she was at home alone but it’s a necessary evil unfortunately.

I was careful to make sure I opened all doors tonight including her car door. When we were seated, I would have pulled out her chair had we not been in a booth. We talked about her day and the wrapping of school as we perused our menu’s. Most definitely a welcome change of pace, just having one conversation and a more engaging one happening as opposed to several voices. And she looked so, so beautiful.

When we walked to the store I held her hand. Her hair was a bit out of place so I tucked it behind her ears and we carried on our quest for the perfect bunch of flowers. Neither of us being connoisseurs, she chose the most colorful daisies with the most sweetest scent.

Lexis has been no stranger to hospitalizations and though I sense something is around the corner, for today she was just fine. As we approached the self-checkout, one of our favorite songs from the movie The Greatest Showman came on and we smiled and sang along in our normal voices. We didn’t care who was watching. I felt goosebumps; it was the perfect moment as we concluded our special night out.

I have been so incredibly blessed having sweet Lexis in my life and I thank God daily for her. Through all of her challenges, she is a shining star, often teaching me more about life than it seems what I can teach her. On the run up to father’s day, I am so glad I could share a few intimate hours with my beautiful, darling Lexis. ❤️

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