Daddy-Daughter Date With Lindsey.

This evening was Miss Lindsey’s turn with Papa with the ol’ daddy-daughter date. Her request was a visit to the mall including a little shopping, a five star food court dinner and of course followed by flowers and candy. Regardless of our destination, we still got fancied up: her in a dress and me in a tie, again. In times like these, we are the only people in the world so we dress to impress.

When I opened the car door for her she curtsied and smiled. When we got into the mall she held my hand. At one point she started skipping so, of course, I had to join her. My tie was flapping everywhere but what did I care, it was so much fun.

I never do well with food court eats as we always get the girls their food first. Luckily they are slow eaters so I don’t feel so bad sitting down minutes later with my spread and she’s already half way done. Without fail my sweet Linds ordered her ham and bacon Subway and I settled on Chinese. Needless to say I felt like dying shortly after but Lindsey enjoyed every bite.

Conversation flows well with her and it was really nice chatting about school and about summer plans. It continued as we did a little shopping, mostly browsing though she did end up buying a DVD and a couple of shirts (one for her sister Lexis). We were a little put out upon discovering that the candy shop was closed down but it didn’t exactly ruin our night.

Next this beautiful girl in her rainbow dress and I stopped in at Safeway and she picked out some pink Lilies, as well as some chocolate, of course. Sweets for the sweetheart. With one more door to open and enough smiles to go around, our special evening together began to wind down.

What a blessing Lindsey is to me. She’s becoming an amazing young woman and any time spent with her warms my heart. Like her sister, she is to be celebrated and never taken for granted and always to be adored. I will look back fondly on tonight as well as yesterday night, too, always.

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