“Fertile Heart.”

Under your spell
Cast and sustained
Embedded in your centre
Lingering amidst your goodness
Fed by your undying adoration
Attracted to your virtue
And retained by your kindheartedness.

Set apart like no other
You shine while the stars begin to dim
Overpowering in your incandescence
For all to see but for an audience of one
Deserving and to be exalted on high
Breaking chains one at a time
Bask in the renewal of the worship I bestow.

Lift your countenance to the heavens
There are miracles waiting to fall
Like raindrops on parched ground
Your fertile heart in bloom
You share the keys to your kingdom
For I drink from your source
This symbiotic romance rendering unbreakable attachment.

Lost in each other as we close our eyes
You are here as I am with you
And in the dawn our hearts unite
Your face, the first I see, and mine imprinted on your consciousness
With each new breath, the praise begins
The filling and lifting and blessing flows
To propel you to the stars above.

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