“Unwilling To Heal.”

We all have to begin somewhere
Life pulls us viciously from our sanctuary
And thrusts us naked and screaming into the world
Lifelines severed from our unkempt bodies
Until we are delivered to the arms that love us the most.

Along this journey, something harrowing happened to her
This teenage self so tragically displaced
Amidst tremendous rejection
Her heart so deeply damaged
Within this life altering pain that would not go away.

She can’t wish him Happy Father’s Day
Without that feeling still being there
About what he did and how it made her feel
And to this day, almost four decades later
The wound festers and oozes pain, still unwilling to heal.

It wasn’t your fault, it never was
You did nothing wrong, then and now
It was out of your control and it stung indefinitely
You were a product of parentage
And it is now up to you what you do with it.

The curse can be discarded or embraced
Though it’s shadowed you far too long enough
Facing your fears brings freedom
It breaks chains and powers one to victory
Loose yourself of all its weight and step into the light.

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