“Hope Eternal.”

A new day has come
Releasing all of the pain
As though purged through a tempest
Or baptized in flame.

These pursuits of despair are draining out
Becoming unglued in times perfection
Has never felt so exemplary
This untying of knots takes centre stage.

The beatings we take aren’t meant to prevail
We endure, we withstand then we overcome
These sporting events run the clock
Our emotional depletion isn’t supposed to sustain.

There is purpose in pain
Without it, change is a myth
The destination is not regression, we don’t scurry back in our holes
This pendulum cadence has no place in existence.

We advance, not by chance, we advance
This is absolutions call on our lives
Standing still is to die a thousand deaths
And my plea is for life and life abundant.

So into the fray we go again
With the enemy hot on our tails
I resolve there is one thing that can never be lost
Hope eternal umbrellaed over my life.

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