“This Glow We Ascertain.”

We fade into oblivion
Past participles everlasting
I didn’t know God was watching
When we lived the lives we did
Not that it was wrong
In fact, it couldn’t have been more right
We just kept our eyes averted
And focused on where we are going.

The destination became the journey
Loving and learning and laughing and living
Irreconcilable proclivities to the unknown
A path riddled with potholes and pain
Yet we stayed the course
Under wandering skies we fastened tight
There is no end in sight
But this glow we ascertain book ends all the sights we’ve seen.

As days collide and nights prolong
The dividends of my heart dole systematically
To keep it locked inside congests
Love incased ferments and spoils
You are here now and are reinforcing me
You are a pillar, preventing structural collapse
Programmed to ascend
And our victories will be attained.

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