“The Other Side.”

A luminary of strength
She has seen the other side
And has taken what is hers
Beautiful in spirit as is her flesh
This damsel that has come to me.

One glance is all that it took
This tractor beam alliance instantaneous
Two hungry souls in a feeding frenzy
Consuming and digesting each and every word
As all things should be, time without value.

One look in her eyes, tender and majestic
Conjures hope and settles my insides
This need that throbs persuades her full attention
A camaraderie of two aligned
In a place I never knew existed.

I dissalow myself to bring her pain
Sadness has no place amongst such peace
My yoke lightens by the hour
Amidst the powers that be and within her support and in her presence
We overcome as I push back the gates of hell.

This calming breeze that crawls my soul
Rearranges any heart clutter
Setting the table for a feast with her
To drink, to eat, to confess and to be heard
This is all I’ve ever wanted.

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