Double Daughter Date Night.

This evening, as a way of commemorating their completion of grade eleven, I took my daughters out. We painted the town hot pink (and black for Lexis) in the form of a dinner out and then games at Chuck E Cheese. Yes, that place.

Summer has officially kicked off and why not do it in style? If one considers style dining at Dennys then surrounding thyself with overactive kids high on sugar then we outclassed them all. Honestly, all of us would be content with a pizza and reruns of Alf but this seemed just a smidge more fun.

All sarcasm aside, I am perpetually blessed. I don’t often travel the world or buy expensive cars but I am present and very much alive in my childrens lives. It is a conscious choice but it is just part of my nature. If I wasn’t playing this starring role amidst their lives I wouldn’t be breathing. Mundane moments or Chuck E Cheese hijinks… count me in. I’m sold.

I am content in our little lives remaining relatively the same for the next twelve months. Besides my book coming out and the advent of my new career, as far as my girls are concerned, nothing much will change. Beyond graduation, however, there will be a lot of newness abounding.

My daughters will begin to emerse into various life skills oriented programs with like-minded young adults. Pursuits of drivers licenses and part-time jobs will come into play. Also the likelihood of a move to God knows where may factor in, to boot. But for now, I’m all for living moment to moment, without any of these notions permeating my brain.

So hand in hand in hand we trudge on to better and brighter days. With their hearts in my hands, I am living my most genuine life. I won’t stop chasing the monsters out from under our beds. No trap set for us shall prevail. Our life together is the most special of gifts and the magic will sustain us forever.

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