Us 3 Wienies.

Besides the dead of winter (and I may have tried), the rest of the year is fair game for a family wienie roast. A summer steakie roast would be optimal, for sure. But second to this, my money’s on the wieners and we did just that tonight.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my sisters and parents and I partaking in this ritual. Romps through the park and playgrounds while the fire is made. These moments are some of the only memories I have of my dad being present in my life. My mom, I’m sure, ran each of these events but at least he was there, rounding up wood or what have you.

As long as I can remember, as an adult, I have instituted the art of the wienie roast with my kids. It’s just my girls and I as of late though my son has joined us on many a picnic table and still occasionally does. I sometimes consider these times nothing special but that’s really not true. If I were to choose clamoring around a kitchen table or this, I’ll take this. Any day.

I’ve seen folks roast corn or chicken or even smokies, and though I love all of the above, I’m old school. I roll with the bare bones campfire items: wieners, buns, chips, condiments, smore stuff and bevvies. And we’re in ‘n out. Fires up, roast fest, consummation, seconds, ‘mallows/smores then we out. Considering my daughters’ age, there’s no need for lollygagging.

That being said, it was mentioned tonight that we should bring bocce or even a Frisbee next time. It was me who said it and I certainly didn’t disagree. The only thing I’m always forgetting is wet wipes. This should be imprinted on my cerebral cortex by now but sadly it is not. Saliva on dirty digits goes far enough.

The lingering campfire odor that permeates my clothing is a good indicator that none of this was fictional. That, and the smoky eyed three wienies that we are spells truth for days. If I have given my children a fraction of the joys my parents gave me in this realm then all is well in our world. The good news and the reality is that I have given them so much more. And it will never end.

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