“The Seams Of My Heart.”

Reminding ourselves who we used to be
Can be a tricky concept
Who I was before I fell for her
Seems lost along the way
Vague recollections of who he was
Are locked inside somewhere
And as I reconnect with that part of me
The memory of who I was with her begins to fade.

Simply put, both versions are the same
All of my faculties remained
I didn’t become a different person
And I never lost who I was
Unawakened parts of me arose
Traits built into me unused became geysers
Emotions I always were capable of accessing
Became prevalent and operational more than ever before.

And as naked and raw as I had become
Within loss, I have retracted
The seams of my heart have been sewn
Though blood still trickles out
Mourning has subsidied
And acceptance has moved in
Through remnants of suffering
A blanket of peace envelops my frame.

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