“Blue Bird.”

Cooped up, weathered and worn
Safe in this nest but I need to fly
I move my arms without coordination
I need more time, I need to stay.

I have laid my own eggs
They have hatched and I am responsible
I move my arms with more concentration
But I cannot leave, I need to stay.

My babies are flying away, one at a time
It’s been so long and been so difficult
This is my home because I never learned to fly.

I want to leave, I am designed to take flight
I move my arms and begin to hover
This is unprecedented, I’m doing it
But I cannot leave, this is all I know.

My feathers are starting to grey
This nest is a cage but it’s all I know
I don’t move my arms anymore.

It’s not my place to fly away
I don’t have the strength any more anyway
This is all I know, this is all there is.

I move my arms and my little bones snap
I want to leave now but it’s too late
This nest is not my home
But there is no escape.

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