“From Seed To Harvest.”

Off the beaten path
And deeper than your mind will let you go
This has not been for the faint of heart
Or the weak willed or the unmotivated
There are shadows everywhere
Lurking insidiously yet without sting
If fear is a dream then I have been awake forever
Consolidated in these purposeful steps towards you.

Submerged inside the garden
Much deeper than I’ve ever been before
This pathos I have arrived at is bittersweet
For it tears as it rebuilds
Preemptive motives saddled with full acceptance
It solidifies my stance upon this rock
From A to Z in one singular trajectory
Summoning absolution unrequited.

Unleashed toward the heavens
My faith in the unseen moves mountains
With bones beneath my feet
This swirling journey doesn’t deviate
I have cradled new life
And have brandished the weapon that cut the cord
From seed to harvest, rendering lowly hearts
The dead arise to claim the throne.

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