People say a lot of things
Words that have weight in their minds
Worthy reasons to be misunderstood
Nothing noteworthy to write home about
As inconsequential as it may seem
They have a set of beliefs
And though not all may care, they are not wrong
They are only different.

I am like you, and there is cohesion
We are not the same and that’s okay
There are more similarities than differences
To be taken seriously would mean the world to us
I don’t refer to likes or acknowledgements
More so respect, and to live and let live
To live unabashed and with passion so undeniable
That the term “every man for himself” does not apply.

To take it all into consideration is not my concern
I’m more focused on those in my circle
And maybe that’s been my biggest mistake
Within a world subsisting of just you and me
Sometimes getting lost outplays being found
And reveling in the reflection you cast
Relieves copious amounts of nearsighted tension
So let’s unravel as we travel for there are so many sights to be seen.

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