“Roosting In Emancipation.”

The weight of the world has crushed me for far too long
Exposed to elements I never imagined
Faced with tasks I thought undefeatable
Caged by demons unrelenting
And I was undeserving to the last.

Rising with the tide and dragged in the undertow
Clutching this life preserver so I wouldn’t fall below
I have been a flag in the crosswinds of oblivion
Teetering against my own indignation
Fracturing my will under the infliction of outside domination.

But as the light pierces my opening eyes
This new dawn is unlike all the others
I can feel the barbs unhooking from my flesh
The hooks retract and fully disconnect from my old life
Roosting in emancipation for the rest of my days.

I have begun the cleaning of my cave
Rearranging everything and peeling back the roof
There must be light on every little thing
It has been hidden amongst the shadows for too long
For I am an apparition of transparency.

Signing these discharge documents triggers waves of bliss
Catapulted past any further traumatic control
I am stepping out onto the ledge
This time without that wretched bungee to boomerang me back
Goodbye death, for now I begin again. My life starts now.

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