“Celestial Embrace.”

It matters not where I am
As long as I’m with you
I don’t care where I’m going
As long as you’re with me too
Apart we are alone
And together we are free
In my world, it’s you and I
In my eyes, just you and me.

We can cancel out the darkness
We can hit it where it hurts
And we will advance together
As we soak up all the perks
From our dreams, we have awakened
While awake, our dreams are real
Please just pinch me in this moment
Please just dwell in what we feel.

Running rhymes and riddles
And the tickling of that can
We are lost amidst each other
Hand in hand, we understand
Take me up into the stars
Launch me deep into your space
We shall float up here forever
In this celestial embrace.

A cornucopia of pleasure
Dividends equating love
You have pulled me from the ashes
You’ve descended from above
I have traded in my sorrows
I am packed and in your hands
Take me far away forever
Be my woman, I’m your man.

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