“The Angel Of Innocence.”

A woman needs to be heard
Never pushed beyond her comfort level
Her feelings are to be valued
Never dismissed and taken from her
She is to be lifted and put first
Never disregarded by foolish qualms of feigned ownership.

To be understood is to commune with God
When I hear you, you lean into me and linger longer
There is trust divine in the way I value your thoughts and your heart
I hold them in the palm of my hand
Swaddling with tender, doting protection
And you quiver in the vastness of my adoration.

The glory of your light that permeates your being
Is to be visualized from the reaches of the universe
To purposefully dim this glow is to deny God the rights to his existence
This bold rainbow reflection radiating from your core
Has me on my face at the perfection of your femininity
Encouraging the angel of innocence inside you to be seen and be truly heard.

You are worthy, you are loved
You are set apart and treasured intensely
On my watch there is never undermining
Never reproach, never contradiction
Never filled with dread and never denied your rights and your important voice
No more folly or defilement shall come to you with me in the picture.

Whisper your song to my open ears
They absorb your sentiments faster than you deliver
My morning ritual is to lift you to the stars
And to hold you there ’til you go to sleep
To bask in your presence cures all my ailments
We are suspended in this eternal communion so long as we draw breath.

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