“Gratified To No End.”

Lovesick bliss is forgetting your own name
It’s going out front the door naked
It’s a fog I walk around in and I don’t feel lost.

Being heart-happy doesn’t require logic
To go from unbearable emptiness
To joy overflowing from every pour isn’t sensical in the slightest.

Magic love is carrying on a conversation with someone while thinking entirely of you
It’s watching a movie and being on autopilot because all I’m really doing is contemplating you
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you and then more you.

Feeling so consumed makes life less of a stressor
I’m neither sweating the small nor the big things
I don’t get stuck in the ruts because my feet haven’t touched the ground.

Being overtaken by the greatest phenomenon on the planet
Is what every human with a heartbeat craves
And to hold it in my hands makes me richer than the upper echelon.

So dumb me down and keep me stupefied
This emotional idiocy satiates the hell out of me
A swollen heart, buoyant with jubilation
Clicks me into place like the final puzzle piece. Gratified to no end.

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