“My Bride.”

We are once in a lifetime
Cradled by infinity
Amalgamation in the womb
Inseparable and handpicked
Interwoven by the living God.

Synchronized by destiny
We are engulfed in passions flame
Lifted by the hands that wrote the plan
All of our cares and shackles fall
Inside your spirit, I find shelter.

Adorned in diamond, bathed in white
You are my bride, faultless and pure
Stars in my eyes and rapture in my heart
Hand in hand in cosmic bliss
On lilies breath we dream with open eyes.

These vows are seared into our hearts
Love so divine, we need no reminders
But I will speak sweetly into your ears
I will orchestrate phrases of euphoria for your eyes
And I will bless your name within every second of every day.

It is in you I see my future
It is in you I see myself
It is in you I see my life
It is in you I see my forever wife.

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