Everything about you is so very special to me
To say that God created a masterpiece
When he thought of you is an understatement
I can only imagine the supreme joy he took
In shaping you from the inside out
From the depth of your heart
To the inner workings of your brain
All the way to your delicate toes
You were set apart since before your conception and touched by grace.

Everything about us has me on my face giving thanks from dawn until dusk
I have been lobotomized to my old way of life
I don’t have to go through each day on my own anymore
You have descended upon me
Like torrential rain amidst the most desolate drought
Enveloping me, fulfilling me, resurrecting me
As though an angel fled the heavens
I don’t deserve your splendor
But you’ve lifted me to from whence you came.

Everything about this is so fundamentally marvelous
We wake into such purity of adoration each morning
Our interactions are laced with sugarcane
One doesn’t invent this kind of love
What we carry has jumped off the pages of a fairy tale
Somewhere between a dream and heavens gates
Though I don’t have to remind you of how entirely real this is
Under this wreath of appreciation and with a servants heart
We will honor and build one another ’til our love reaches into eternity.

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