I think of a honeymoon with you and my mind melts
I would burst inside if we were no longer held by time
I can only imagine our bliss to no longer be monitored
I am in love with the idea of setting our love free
Like a firework shot into the sky
Lifted high for the world to see
When the world is simply you and me
With broken chains, we float to the heavens.

We wake together and I nestle in to you
“Good morning, baby” in your ear and one hundred kisses for your neck
You clean that beautiful body
With song in your heart and a smile on your lips
And there I am again holding open your towel for you
My lips find yours in passions delight
I exist for you and you, for me.

Setting out about our day and seeing what kind of trouble we can get into
Hands clasped wherever we wind up
Unable to peel these grins off our mugs
Asking for a price check on your buttcheeks at the checkout
Modeling the most audacious jackets at a thrift shop
Juggling tomatoes for your amusement only
Tugging at your bra clasp and fumbling with your hair
Tickling our hearts and laughing til it hurts.

I don’t need a tropical vacation, I just need you
But feel free to whisk me away to any wonderland of your choosing
Take my hand and paint me into your world
Wrap me up in your blanket and unleash me into your soul
This honeymoon will never end, we knew this from the start
So hold me tight and delve a little deeper
This love rejuvenates, it cleanses and it sets us free
When adoration only grows, I know this is forever.

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