“My Anya.”

My Anya, the one I value most
I am your lighthouse.
In your tumultuous storm
I am your beacon.
When you are unable to find your way
I am your rudder.
And in the blackest of night
I will pull you to the shore.

My Anya, the one I love the most
I am your rock.
In your hour of fear
I am your compass.
When you’ve all but given up
I am your comforter.
And when you choose to finally sever
I will be your sword.

My Anya, the one I protect the most
I am your defender.
In your moments of uncertainty
I am your warrior.
When the landmines are tripped
I am your shield.
And when you need it the most
I will be your liberator.

My Anya, the one I refuse to be without
I am your servant.
In your ascent to independence
I am your friend.
When you’ve slain your giant
I am your resolution.
And when you set your past aflame
I will be your everything.

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