“Love Me Alive.”

I’ve been keeping track of your tears
And counting all your smiles
They’ve been keeping me company
Throughout all of these many miles
To hold your heart
And to know all your dreams
I’ve woken up in paradise
It’s even better than it seems.

Immerse me in your goodness
Let’s live each day like it’s our last
We’d never know this euphoria
If I hadn’t approached and asked
With a pocketful of heartbreak
And a football field of bliss
This intrepid dreams pursuit of you
Has me gunning for your kiss.

Let’s go for broke, baby, you and me
Let’s live our lives, lifted and carefree
You crank the throttle and I’ll push the gas
Blast through the clouds, gonna fly first-class
With our crew right beside us as we head for the stars
Let’s orbit the sun before plotting for Mars
I’ll keep you up here if you love me alive
Will you marry me first? I need you as my bride.

6 responses to ““Love Me Alive.””

  1. Life is now. Wonderful poem

    1. You said it!! And thank you

      1. Welcome

  2. Wow. Wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

    1. I really appreciate that, thank you!

      1. Welcome 🙏

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