“Up To The Peaks.”

Her toenails painted in candy red hues
Mirrors of her sweetness adorning digits
From down below, these tips of her toes
Vibrant and alive, they are warming me exceedingly
Her beauty invades my solar bubble
Bursting these transparent walls
And pulling me gently inside her
Fully concealed as to me she is revealed
Dripping honey down my soul in continuum
A symbiotic and oozy mess of perfection.

She is the cause I battle for
Peach in the flesh of the most exotic flavors
A splash of rainbow promising only more sun
When she rises in the morning she holds out her hand
For me, it is for me to clasp in my own
And to pull each other up to the peaks where we can see everything
With one flesh, we beat one heart
Eating up the day together we steamroll the negative
Her glory escalates my joy
To infinity we protect the core of all we are.

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