“What Matters Most.”

You weren’t meant to fall
And you keep falling and plummeting deeper.

You weren’t called to writhe
Inside this despair, all on your own.

You aren’t supposed to feel lost
To run in circles in your head
And to be so displaced you can’t get out of bed.

You weren’t meant to carry the world
You are mother, daughter and friend
But you weren’t supposed to lose yourself.

You are what matters most.

I vowed to you I would protect you
To support, to defend and to love you
To value you and to lead you
And I will not stand by and watch you suffer.

There is a rope lowered as we speak
Within arms reach
Right in front of your angelic face
You are never alone.

Your sister gives you strength
She is calling to you
Telling you to open your hands and grab hold
She is with you, as am I and so is God.

Please, hunny, wake
You are not required to lay down and die
You’ve only lived half a life
And the best is at your fingertips.

So when the waves take you from the shore
Remember, we are waiting evermore
We are calling you to a better you.

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