“You Have A Voice.”

I am yours and you are mine
You love me greater than I love you
And I love you more than anything on earth
Yet here you are, breaking our hearts again
What is the tally now? And for what?
Another go round in your destroyed life of yesteryear?
To sit at the feet of your abuser is to slit your own throat
Yet here we are, dissalowed advancement
By your own terrified hand.

Is abandoning yourself, me, your body
Abandoning your hobbies, and all hope and happiness
Worth it to you in exchange for such a trash life?
To be policed, smothered and harassed
By those closest to you around the clock?
To be degraded, monopolized and walked on
Doesn’t appeal to you nor does it me
So why would you allow this to imprison you further?

You have a voice
Use it
Stand up and be heard
Let go of the past
Cast fear aside forever
Remove negativity from your life at once
Embrace the source of your unending joy
And step into the light.

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