“You Are Mother.”

My mother is my world
She is everything to me
I was brought up happy because of her
She gave me all that I needed and beyond
I was never lost with her, never forgotten
She made sure to tell me I was loved
And I never felt scared or alone or without
My mom is my world and I trust in her.

My mother is my guide
She shields me and carries me on her back
I am grown now and I love her more than ever
Where she goes, I go. There’s no other way
She protects me forever, I never doubt her
When I look at myself she’s what I see
I am her and she is me
My mom is my guide and I will follow her.

My mother is human
I know she isn’t perfect but she is close in my eyes
There are times I don’t fully understand her
But I know sometimes she feels this way about me too
I have made her cry and she has made me too
And when she’s making tough decisions
I know in my heart she is doing what is best
My mom is human and she is just like me.

My mother is hurting
I know she is struggling inside
It makes me cry and I want to fix her
I want everything to stay as it is
My siblings feel this way too
We should all be happy, this shouldn’t be happening
I want to close my eyes and when they open, all is back to normal
My mom is hurting and I am as well.

My mother is growing
She is reclaiming herself and I love her so very much
I have forgiven her for what I thought she did to me
But now I know how badly she needed to spread her wings
I understand, we all do now, and we are so very proud to call her our mom
Nothing will ever separate us from her love
And nothing will separate her from our love
My mom is growing and I will adore her forever.

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