“This Incredible Intimacy.”

As much as our journeys are one
Yours is much more treacherous
And as it takes its final turn
I want to thank you for being you.

Amongst these monumental ups and downs
Thank you for the past five weeks
We drew closer and our passion reached heights never before attainable
This incredible intimacy doesn’t disappoint.

And so you’ve taken your final steps back
We both knew its inevitability
Though gutted, I can see it for what it is
Part of the process as you find your way.

You know my love stays warm for you
I dwell in you as you are a permanent resident in me
And as empty as we feel when we are apart
In your arms and in your heart, all is renewed.

So set afloat the present into your past
My patience doesn’t dim and my adoration constant
With no other dreams but you, and I consuming your every thought
There shall be no future separation for us again.

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